Portfolio @ Yahoo

Here are a few highlights of my work at Yahoo!

  • Yahoo! Today

    Yahoo! Today

    I added slide-show feature to the Today module on Yahoo! homepage. User can manually browse through the thumbnails or let it auto-play on its own.

    The most challenging part of this work is managing Ajax transactions, by implementing seamless re-try and fallback mechanisms. The transition between stories are as smooth as possible on slow or fast network.



  • Yahoo! Messenger

    Yahoo! Messenger (Names have been blurred for privacy protection)

    There was a limitation of Y! Messenger API at the time I was developing this critical module for Yahoo! Homepage GA. The limitation was that one single call returns all the buddies in your list in a flat structure, potentially transmitting very large HTML response when opening Messenger module. To minimize response given the back-end limitation, response is encoded in JSON instead on HTML. I, the front-end, populate DOM nodes on the fly. Further, in order to keep browser’s responsiveness, nodes are populated periodically controlled by a timer. So no matter how many buddies in your list, user can still interact with any part on the page.

    Since I have all the data, all sorting, searching and grouping features are done by Javascript.

  • Yahoo! Sports

    Yahoo! Sports

    Yahoo! Sports module is a complex module in terms of UI – Tabs, sub-tabs, pagination and personalization. I added nearly 20 popular sports for European markets with custom built scoreboards and each has been localized.


  • Yahoo! Status Update

    Yahoo! Status Update

    As part of Yahoo!’s Open Social initiative, I developed this Status Update feature where user can type once and post on both Yahoo! and Facebook. Although the UI looks simple, I actually spent a lot of time before coding nailing down the “flow” for signed-out user, signed-in user without Y! Profile, and user hasn’t linked with Facebook account. Working with multiple stakeholders from different department is a challenge.


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